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About Us

PENN MACHINERY COMPANY is the North American Agent for ULTIMATE AUTOMATION, LTD who design and manufacture wire forming machines with and without butt-welding capability, as well as automatic welding and special purpose forming machines for the wire fabricating industry. Established in 1991, ULTIMATION is a leading force with its ultimat TWO-AXIS WIRE FORMING and WELDING MACHINES.

Our popular ultimat UMW-Series TWO-AXIS WIRE FORMING and WELDING MACHINES feature integrated butt-welding to produce 2D wire forms and butt-welded closed frames, oval shapes and round rings direct form coil. These are extremely versatile machines designed for the operator for the manufacture of POP displays, air filter frames, appliance shelving, store fixtures, automotive parts and more. Models are available to cover a wire range from 2 to 16mm and feature a robust, modern, modular design with user-friendly Windows based software. The versatile ultimat unique design eliminates the need for special tooling while producing quality parts and components. Our standard Closed Die Forming and Cutting System produces high-quality bends with square, burr-free cuts. With the modular ultimat design and available options the UMW ultimat can be made-to-order to fit your specific requirements with options including the ability to accommodate parts up to 72″, Bend Head options, welding system options, drilling, press, punching, marking, threading, chamfering operations and part transfer without the need for a robot.

ULTIMATION offers a line of dedicated automatic Ring Forming Machines with Welding options to meet your round ring and weld quality requirements. Models are available to accommodate a wire range from 2 to 10mm. ULTIMATION also designs and manufactures special purpose machines including the UCW Crosswire Welding Machines that inserts and welds crosswires or brace wires fed from coil into frame wires, the USW and UGW Sign Wire Welding Machines that automatically produce political sign wires direct from coil, the UBW Basket Welding Machines for the automatic welding of nursery baskets and the UDW Multi-Head Wire Forming Machines.

ULTIMATION has over 25 years of experience in designing and building of rugged, quality wire forming machines with butt-welding capability. ultimat WIRE FORMING and WELDING MACHINES, affordable, progressive and innovative machine designs to make you be more efficient, more competitive and more profitable!